Nero DiscSpeed Optical drive tester for Windows

Tina de Pierre

Diagnostic tool that measures disc speed, provides error checking and analyzes disc quality for optimal burning performance.

Freeware CD benchmarking software download, reviewed by Tina de Pierre

CD and DVD drive diagnostics software from Nero.

Nero DiscSpeed is a freeware drive benchmark program which can test and then display important information about the optical drive(s) installed on your Windows PC.

The main application interface is not difficult to understand and can test your DVD, CD or Blu-ray drive for several different values such s DAE quality, transfer rate, access time, CPU load, burst rate and snipup/spindown time.

Though Nero DiscSpeed is currently a part of the main Nero suite, it is also available as a standalone application which can provide you with interesting and useful details.

Overall, Nero DiscSpeed provides you with importat information about your DVD/CD/Blu-ray burner which can be used to optimize burning software.

Features of Nero DiscSpeed

  • Burn Quality: Measures the quality of a burn and the speed of the burn.
  • Data Transfer: Shows data transfer rate in real time.
  • Disc Copy: Copies discs with a single click.
  • Disc Defrag: Defragments and optimizes the disc for faster access.
  • Disc Erase: Erases the content of a disc and prepares it for new data.
  • Disc Info: Displays information about discs such as type, capacity, used space.
  • Disc Quality: Evaluates the reading quality of a disc.
  • Disc Repair: Verifies discs for errors and repairs them when necessary.
  • Disc Simulation: Simulates burning and erasing data on discs.
  • Disc Usage: Visualizes the used and free space of a disc.
  • Drive Benchmark: Compares drive performance against other drives.
  • Speed Test: Measures and visualizes the read and write performance of drives.
  • Temperature Graph: Displays drive temperature fluctuations over time.

Compatibility and License

Nero DiscSpeed is provided under a freeware license on Windows from hardware diagnostic software with no restrictions on usage. Download and installation of this PC software is free and is the latest version last time we checked.

Is Nero DiscSpeed for Windows 10?

Yes. It can run on a PC with Windows 11 or Windows 10. It comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit downloads.

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